CEO Words

During the last decade, since the foundation of AZD consulting engineering  in 2013 as consulting company in Oman, we have continued to spread our local network while provided high value-added consulting services that support our customers in expending their trade operations on local basis.

Since the basis of the firm till today every consultant at AZD consulting has been working hard to provide  consulting services that makes us “true partner” For our customer.




Services We Provide To Our Clients

Renewable Energy

Our energy market device is characterized by deep sector of understanding as well as quantitative rigor in analysis of energy markets, and climate change mitigation and adaptation policies 

Water & Waste Water Management

We have experience in dealing with water economics, wastewater resource strategies, natural resource management and associated planning and pricing to produce sustainable water and natural resource management solutions.

Mineral Exploration and Mining

 We provide geological consulting, exploration management and contract geological services to the global mining and exploration industry.


Architecture Consulting

Environmental management

Environmental management deals with the different aspects of environment, its structure, function, its quality and its maintenance including conservation of its living and non -living components.